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Be Prepared Explanation | "Citizen Soldier Handbook" - The Book

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"Be Prepared" is the time honored Boy Scout motto.


You should be prepared to help you and your family in an Emergency situation, whether it's a natural disaster or a terrorist threat.   You must learn about terrorist situations, natural disasters, Emergency Preparedness and more.   It may not even require a lot of time 5o take precautions and make preparations in your everyday life.



‚ÄĘFood - You can make purchases everytime you go to the store for foods high in water content, low in sodium (so as not to induce thirst) and good for long-term storage.¬† Canned goods are particularly easy to acquire.¬† Put these items on a shelf in a storage area for Emergeny Use Only.¬† Cycle them through your regular eating menu if possible.¬†¬† You should also have items easy to fix in an emergency.¬† Ramen noodle packs require little water



‚ÄĘWater - Water is critical.¬† You can last a week or ten days without food but not water.There are a number of ways to store water.¬† Don't just believe that Sparkletts is going to show up on time.¬† Large water barrels, strategically placed in your residence, is the best option.¬†¬† You can get barrels that are 55¬† to 30 gallon drums.¬†¬† You can get extra Sparkletts bottles, date them and put them in a cool spot but cycle through them.¬†¬† Check out water preservatives.



‚ÄĘDisaster Plan - Have emergency kits in your car - just in case you're in an Emergency while traveling.¬† Also at your business.¬†¬† Have a plan where to meet or who to call out of state.¬†



‚ÄĘProtection - Police and other First Responders can be overwhelmed in your neighborhood. ¬† Consider training for self-defense in not only martial arts but Firearms training.


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